Love In the Time of Gaza

I was born inside the rain on a day of wonder
Deep inside my brain memories of thunder
I grew up a refugee, my life not fixed or free
I know the world’s not to blame
Cos’ everybody carries my name

Oooh! These are my Fathers’ people
(Hawu Ngitshele! Ngitshele!)
Oooh! This is where the Human tree once grew
Oooh ! We are the children of a new world
Oooh ! We have a new dream pushing through

The sky is black with gunships , but I’m dreaming of a girl
In her eyes love and friendship , but will she understand my world ?
Now I’m like a windswept sea, fear and hope washing over me
Will she think my world is cruel , when I share my point of view?


Oh …It’s a strange world … hawu ngitshele ! Ngitshele !yeah!
Oh ..It’s a caged bird …yeah!
Oh…gimme what you say ….yeah!
Oh… gimme a brand new day …yeah!