Hidden Away Down

Clear summer day
You became the prey
You gave your best defence
Your smile was just pretence
You want to shout , nothing comes out
A shadow blocks the sun
Where does that day live where part of you did drown ?

Hidden away down
Hidden away down deep inside
Didn't the day drown?
Didn't the day drown in the night?
You running away now
You running away till the morning light
A criminal take -down
A criminal take-down with no fight

Pretend confidence
Keep the beast at bay
Like a fugitive
It's you yourself you blame
Sparrow sing the morning in
You feel the light of day
Can the promise of redemption reach that place ?


The world breaks everyone
And afterwards you will find some
Stronger in their broken parts
In the wild mountain of their hearts
Love can mend a broken soul
But who can trust a heart not whole
Waiting for the wounds to close
In that dark place

Hidden away down .