How does it feel

Why’d you have to do that
Slice open my back to get to my heart
End everything we accomplished like it never happened
Destroy the world we built where it’s just you and me
Now thinking your building a new one with him ends my thought with what if
What if we didn’t cross that path
What if I didn’t go out
What if I never saw that face
All they do is create the very thoughts that built our world
How does it feel x2
How does it feel you can’t see me
For me it’s like my heart it shredded to pieces
The only one to pick up the pieces can be you
But you leave them there let them dry out and be forgot about
I leave them there waiting for the day for you to put them together
How does it feel x2
How does it feel to build a wall between us
One that the door is bolted shut with your very own hands
To escape something I deemed perfect
As you build another wall and create the door
The walls close in on me signaling our end
While you build a door to another mans world
I’m being enclosed by the very thing I thought would open forever
How does it feel