Baptized (Joedy d)

Talk if you wanna talk Chill if you wanna stay
Truth the more I say I am digging myself a grave
Back in the hood man life aint good man
Watch out dude yeah
Death is living niggas they dying tryna make a living
This is lusifa I am wishing you heaven
By the time you die the society without humanity hate reality
To all communities I’ma tell reality
When they beating me down
Don’t cry me river cry me ocean nigga
I hope in future I don’t lose my mind
Put me in your prayers
Dear LORD forgiver forgive me I am a sinner
There’s no job creation rap is my option
Enemies they’re under my nose
I can’t see them but I can smell them
The easy way to kill me get me a nice lady so evil than the devil
This is lusifa go get my music I wont take you to hell
High speed hommy it made me a sinner
I am rushing to the green the greener pasture
I use to roll ganja on a bible paper
G.O.D please forgive me
A black book without pictures gave me picture about my future
Yeah I am baptized
Niggas saw me on the street and they never said holla to me