POK1 (Prince Of K1)

POK1 (Prince Of K1) (Prod. by Don)


Oprah-Practise Mixtape (OPM) (2016)


I'll Narrow down a row just to fire shots
In a bar
hitting the same target
Dad bought (dartboard)
Twice to celebrate the birth of my striking force
He said Son here's a bow and arrow before you go to war
He kinda made things easy
Doesn't matter though (matador)
it's bulls eye
When i fight u down and murder yall

I hope you asking bro, JNB
What's the matter dog (matador) ?
I'm a bully, i hate bullshit
Now u know my job

Egyptian with Godly flows
With words that surf right through
And drag u down to the ocean floor
I initiate war
With a sudden (Suden) call
Back to my flow
When i
Suddenly divide ur soul
Like i spit a Nile river nigga hope u follow more
Too much feminine around you like you solomon
U gossip, emotional and sizzy u ain't going raw

If u come at me with crap, better hit the side walk
And see me wave with similes
I'm prince and u a simple being
U follow order effectively

Seems like u a servent

I shame men (shaman) when i suddenly
Call upon the spirits
That so psychedelic
U gon hear they voice
See they Ghosts
U gon run off screaming

And then people will think u nuts and embarrassing

I don't think really know abt the greatest thing

Stare (stir) at me u evoke my inner mystery
If i'm agitated i will Ox you just a little bit

My heart is shatter-proof
Made of rocks like its benny grim

Great as a thing that gets me handling some business

Too much fire
I get burned by my lyrics
Turn to ashes then i resurrect like a Phoenix

So i just laugh at all these niggas
Trying to start a beef with a Carnivore hungry, angry and vicious

I let my Fans decide who the hell is my victim
I said "ferns" when i pierce ur flesh and then rip it

So i eat ur flesh with my lyrics
Until u skeleton
Boil ur bones when i flow and drink the gelatin

Austere rapper
Strict and that's the end of it

What u see is what u get
Simple no Embellishment

I only need eight lines to win big (beak)
When i challenge u down to a battle
I don't have to camouflage when i see you
I'ma crumble you down like a kraken

I shape shift to any fucken beat nice and Swiftly

Marry u with eight blue rings
Poison ur pus
In a very generous way if you a bitch, tryna push me