Heart Break

Heart Break (Prod. by Sample )


Oprah-Practise Mixtape (OPM) (2016)


Yeah got an expression to portray for my painting
Its kinda crazy how i been feeling down lately
So lemme paint a picture
Draw me a remedy
Use a range of filters
Which colours a better me

I'm feeling sad baby
Don't know how to act
The way i behave it shows i wanna be a Man
Be strong walk tall and get another Girl
But the sting is too much
I'd rather let it pass
And be a cry boy
Let emotions drive
I just got dumped
I wanna ask her why

But its useless see i did ask before

I asked for clearance
And she just brushed me off
Talking about things i ain't heard or seen before

Accusing me of cheating
Let alone shagging
Rolling round and clubbing
With the Girl next door

Yeah she a liar dawg
Its rooted on the floor
The only reason she doing this is i bust her off
I caught her romancing with a nigga I caught before
Its not the first time
At first she said she sorry

And yow she doing it again and now she blames on me
She a bitch i say it
I say it loud and proudly

And what's funny about this
Into my heart she swam in
My love for her was flowing
I loved her she was floating

And now she done broke me
Look at her she drowning

Its been one, two, three Months
Aint be moving on
I'm really dumb shit really stupid
She comple fuse me
I really hate it
I really hate her
Mxm i don't mean it
I don't know how i feel
Few days she called
Telling me that she sorry
She did this before
I don't wanna believe
She did this before

Oh man Oh My God am i weak or something
All bros telling me J u weak its boring

Here call the bitch and tell her
U reprimand her bull shit
Tell her u don't want her
Go back to her boy friend
I was like 'yeah i'ma do that
oh my gosh i love her'

Gimme the phone b
I'll just dial her (clip)
Ummh hey

Ain't nothing much to say to you
I'll just vomit
You got me feeling green please leave alone bitch
U broke our love to the stem
I should've pulled the roots
Cz now i feel like going back
Whenever i look at u

My brother warned me
Indirectly speaking though
He had the same fucken problem
It got him smoking dough

The next girl i meet
I'll fuck her and leave her ass
And if she cheats first
Trust me i'ma beat her ass

I don't believe in violence but i heard it boomerangs
Ur lady (They always coming back)

I Thank God for giving me what i never asked fore life
And for all my flaws and felonies i blame the devil
He should've had never been here on earth
To shackle
our faith with chains
And enervate us with his traps
Jesus help us escape
We'll meditate on ur verse
I can't handle this pain
I'll meditate on ur verse

Help me escape this Love thing
Help me escape the way i feel
Cz she broke our to the stem
I should've pulled the roots
Cz now love her still
Though i know the truth

She a bitch and her actions still confirm it
She a bitch i don't think we'll reconnect

She broke our love to the stem
I should've pulled the roots
And now she turning bad
And i won't say its cool

U broke our love understand
Got me feeling blue
Now u wanna love back
Ai u bitching boo
You broke our love to the stem
And now i pull the roots