Return Of The New Old School

Return Of The New Old School (Prod. by SpDubbBeats)

Jimmy Wiz



[Verse: JimmyWiz]
Ima snuff you so flawless,
Yall fuckin with a God and his Boss bitch
She tryna get the Guap till we forbes list
My Niggas is all rich
Finnah build an empire like ross did
We 20 up, figure out the Dream like we all did

Straight bathin ape
From J-Sec to New Orleans
My Team steady grindin
What the Fuck is with all This
You heard the Odd hours, Bangs out till fog whip
You talk type funny,
But my nigga done called it

Beside Doc, yall could check it out from a phly Spot
Why watch?
Seem to be bout it!
Don't try pop
Yall gon fuck around with the tools, you gon Die OG
And that ain disrespect, that's survival in my block

Birch City Chronicles ain nothin but wise cocks
I don't fuck haters, thats the reason i try not
Keep a safe distance, or em things is gon fly pah
Just mind the short temper
I'm willin to Die Doc

Cause Switch blade
Dick slay
Which Bae?
Man I'm on my Shiznae
That aint even kids play my Niggas,
I spit rays, of Fire
That get hazed proprietor slick blaze
I'm tired of this they
I'm wiring clips sprayed
These is straight fire,
My heaters clean up your rib cage

Fuck em all!!!

I can deal numbers im boss
Gunners ima call, drummers, and the summers ima frost
Dumb and Dumber floss
Then i Gun the Gunners ima call
That runner yol,
mess with us and keep at it at a summer salt

Thats a loose end dealt with,
Like tyin the knot
Ima choose friends, to hell with a braai at my spot
I don't ask funny Questions like, you dyin or Not
You keeps One hunnid
My nigga keep supplyin the Shop

Basic math!
Street rules to keep your mouth shut
Burn your house up,
Run it out, and get your spouse cut
2020 vision, thats sniper, split a mouse up
Figure what he do to your fam, if you gon doubt us

We gon pull up in the VTR, singin How high!
You rappers now Try..

My City be boppin be heads,
Diggidy Das EFX be Rockin rockin this
Priddy Monotonous,
Griddy be hot,
But ain stopin this
Bars is hella crazy with the niggidy niggas i'm sparkin with
Never gon stop!!
I won't stop with Nick Minaj in this

So Shouts to my nigga Cochlear,
Ain gon drop a beer
Then i fuck shit up, the Musketeer
Ima stay flexin till my nigga Pop and clear
Murder case or Cases,
Whatever cost a beer

I keeps one hunned and buy stock,
Bet when your eyes pop
I get you all deaded like Cyclops
Turn the twenty vision with eye drops
Figured but why not,
The same shit appears in my blind spot

Ima Drop a Jam
Like Osama dama land
Thats Obama fam,
Or whatever rhymes karma plans
Your your vagina stand,
Creepin up on ay' Rihanna fan
I don't die for man,
I been Godly on recliner scams

Ayo Kin Folk, word to the Pyrex
You can't rhyme,
Can't survive on a live wax
Besides that I could fuck around and decide that
A right match for Jimmy is Gorillas and Nine cats

Man who hotter than JimmyWiz
Who can Rock on any beat and just kill it like JimmyWiz
Who gon drop a 32 and just shock up a JimmyWiz
You? You?
Can't fuck wid JimmyWiz?

Get my Harry Potter, Exbeliomus!
Strike thrice and slice,
Your neck, belly armpit
Man i been waitin for this here
Shouts to my Nigga Star, coz this is my year

Who hotter than... (JimmyWiz)
Who iller than... (JimmyWiz)
Who can fucken kick a flow thats just sicker than... (JimmyWiz)
Who can hop on any beat and jus murk it like... (JimmyWiz)

Me? Me?
Yes I'm JimmyWiz!!!

Who hotter than... (JimmyWiz)
Who iller than... (JimmyWiz)
Who can fucken kick a flow thats just sicker than... (JimmyWiz)
Who can hop on any beat and jus murk it like... (JimmyWiz)

Me? Me?
Yes I'm JimmyWiz!!!