You're like a glass of wine, sweeter than Misscato
Age better with time, got me drinkin' from the bottle
Been drunk for a while now and I'm still on that thrill
3 years matured, triple distilled

At ups and downs but we're still holding on (oh oh)
Only then she's known what has come and gone (oh oh)
Freeway, party, you and me and the ceiling
Walk into my party, now you got me catching feelings

And love, I know it'll stay
No matter how bitter or sweet
I know that we'll go all the way
Now we're talking this love
I'm yours completely
Even if the better is worse, you know that we'll make this work

So I called the fire brigade
This fire gon' be tamed
Started with a lighter and now we smokin' off this plane
We need to buy some matches, we need to buy a lighter
I gon' be a firefighter any day or any night



Oh oh oh
Feels so good
(Feels so good)
When I'm looking at you
(Oh when I'm looking at you, yeah)
Misscato (x3)
Oh oh oh
The sweetest love
(Sweetest love)
One drink is never enough
(Oh no no no)
Misscato (x3)

You go straight to my system
Go straight to my head
And you took this living water
And turned it bad
And I never thought that love would taste so good
But you showed me that it could
And you showed how to...