Jimmy Nevis

Hi I’m Jimmy…I like long walks to the fridge, taking long showers and I’m proudly Capetonian! Born and bred in the mother city, South Africa, I grew up in a very spiritual and musical home. My older sister played piano and sang in our church – I eventually copied her. It was only through my younger years that I discovered I could sing. At that point I became very active in my community, singing at various churches and events. Growing up, I didn’t know any secular music…and then I heard the sweet sounds of Beyoncé, Jamie Cullum and Coldplay.

It was only through my High School years that I really started to take my craft seriously. I would partake in any production, band, singing group or event that I could get my hands on. However, after I matriculated, I did not qualify to study music at my desired university and after numerous failed auditions, I began to lose hope – but God has a plan. In early 2012, I wrote and produced a track called “Elephant Shoes.” I found myself desperate for my dreams. I took my track and drove to all the local radio stations in Cape Town, begging them to take my demo. Next thing I knew I was famous! Ok. That’s a lie…but I was well on my way. The song picked up nationally and got people talking. I then signed with independent record label Rude World Records and then signed a licensing and publishing deal for my debut album with David Gresham Records.