This is for the ones who told me that I won't be something, now I'm something now they wanna be something (Plug by Jerry)

I can't picture you, when you're nameless (yeah)
I got so much in my head, I need an off switch (swish)
Walk outta my room, and I'm famous (yeah)
And they telling me I am the entertainment (yeah yeah yeah)
You are so entertaining [x4]

[VERSE 1]:
They saw me on TV now that's a game switch (swish)
I used to send them links they would ignore the text (eish)
Now they out here in my DM sending porno pics (click)
And I don't like what I see I don't do perky tits (ey)
They told me I won't blow
Now they see me through the smoke
I be living what I wrote
I ain't no ghostwriter like you


We be sweating in a classroom, cause I dropped the hottest track ey
Never saw myself in a loose, always stiff like my shoe lays
I'ma tell Jerry "Kill Tom, and cut him with a nasty scissor"
A Zulu man is always barefoot
He must be too big for his shoes
Causing all this drama in courage
Refresh like the boy is stylish
Walked in, man what am I buying
Everything that hiss in silence
Punchline I'm seen as talion
Stayed up like the final lion
Lion King man I need a medallion
10 thousand just to break his silence
Everybody wanna dance now
Wanna dance with the devil now?
Man where were you when a jigga all he wanted was to get in contact
Checkmate, you lost mate
Look now I'm the topic
Stop calling me cause I'm tryna think which deal i'ma take next