Trading Change

South African musician Jeremy Loops has been performing around the country for several years now and has built up an almost fanatical following. His debut album Trading Change will leave none of them disappointed.

Equipped with his guitar, harmonica and loop machine, Loops may be a capable one-man band but his album includes the rapping skills of Motheo Moleko, the groovy saxophone of Jamie Faull and the nostalgia-inducing voice of Adelle Nqeto.

The album opens with a clearly South African inspired offering named Sinner which builds to an exciting climax and ends too soon. The second track, Power, is a radio-friendly song that shows the improvement in production and attention to musical detail Loops has learned while touring.

Down South is the first single from the album and it deserves to be just this. With the help of Moleko it reaches new heights with its intricate, dominant sound. The mix of vocals and introduction of surrounding bass echoes artists like Mattafix and it is a song that you will easily get lost in.


# Title Length
1 Sinner 2:33
2 Power 3:15
3 Down South 4:01
4 Trip Fox 3:46
5 Mission to the Sun (“Howling") 3:28
6 Lonesome & Blue 3:11
7 Skinny Blues 3:09
8 Higher Stakes 4:26
11 My Shoes 3:46
12 Basil 4:06