First things last

Meet me in the city
I will come and find you
Sent me a text
no reply Sorry baby
I'm with the bro bro's
N we hittin up a liquor store
Come Observe how a nigga live
Observe how we get shit done
Ain't from the city of gold
But in my town
The Gold runs through my crown
I'm the king now
+But first things first)
Let's get shit straight
I ain't out here fishing for no compliments
Nigga I don't even have bait
I been on the come up
all I needed was to wait
Used to be a pill proper but decided to do shit proper and that was pen to pad fixed the swag n sipped on that drank
GIN n Tonic in a double cup
Call that shit my pick me up
And drop off on another planet
Fuck her till her toes curl
Take her to a different planet call that Wayne's world
Micheal Mayer's in this Bitch
But first things last)
This project is a piece of a very complicated puzzle
Many may understand and some won't but all that matters is that you hear
I come from a city where not many artists get their shit heard ya know
I come from where alot of niggas have talent but don't believe in them selves (BeatLox)Yeah Bro but we still pushin our shit they gotta open up to our world
(Jay PMB)
Yeah Yeah Bro
That's my nigga BeatLox
Hardest workin producer I know
And basically what this Ep is all about is just taking you on a journey
Through sound and life
Hope y'all enjoy because this only the beggin

033 Stand up!!