One Time

Pull her in the house one time
pull her in the house one time
pull her in the ass one time
put that in the ass one time
Drop it on the butty one time
drop it on her butty one time
Drop it on the butty one time
drop it on her butty one time

Baby, show your butty put it on the gambler
every time I'm ruining bad but right now
getting money trouble peaks I put it down now
wait, wait up
Tell em what you know baby,tell em what you know baby
I'm bout to put it down
I tell em
see, ain't nobody harder than
ain't nobody harder than, ain't nobody harder than
fowling on the motherfucker,
pull up on the game, make her stripe around motherfucker
Roll high on the game like
make a nigga wanna come around and like her
ain't doing two things one time
but am making baby rock round, show you to my mama baby
I said one time,better hold it down
its young tuna baby ,you already know the whole time
i'on even joke, I'm being serious
better take you home, take you higher than you ever been
than you ever been, I mean ever been
take you round,hold your hand
make you really proud and on
I ain't even talking bout shit you popping on
popping on the nigga,thuging real found me pedalin
how you want it, high one
we talking real money, are you done baby
are you talking bout bitches, wow are you bounce baby
let you drop down,fast baby (hmmm)
and I remember how we wrong today
getting money uptown, we wont ruin it today
rocking on the club,we been balling today
dropping down now, we ain't running today eh


joke on the game like, how you talking bout it
baby better bounce ,what you wanting now
tell me what you wanting, i'ma get it for you
you are better for you,never i'on know that
am serious, baby I'm serious,talking bout money
triple P's I put it on the game,
walk it now,working on the work now
make it done put her on the phone and murder fork trap
put one on the game like you know
every tech ain't real like you know
young tuna baby getting money
show me Hennessey I'm pulling on it
dropping now, drop it down
my time read money,better drop it baby
hmm what you talking bout, what you talking bout
pool I'm dropping now
n I remember, time be running
earn money like, I been touring really
teaming P's I put her on the game baby
and i ain't even joke your ass are bigger baby,
bigger than you ever think
are you ridin well, throw it in the pool we going fuckin wet
what are you talking bout bitches feel me rolling
feel I'm rolling, nigga I ain't joke am lying.
huh, ain't nobody harder than
Young tuna baby!.