Blood Rose

i woke up this morning thinking bout lean
see my own spin, hint the kingpin
on my kneels praying to the lord
before I tour the world

You won't know my lines before I get em written
Done some hammer to my scheme before I get the riddim
Pour some henny in the cup thinking while am sipping
Do some weekends in the club you peeping while am sipping (huh)

Living like I already made a milli
Sitting on the block better know it is never easy
some might fall over, some might sit on
block still never hot, we still touring on the soil
I'm in deep shit, shit you never know
mum I never know it won't be very easy to survive
I left home early, now I ain't going back
I left home to feed home got to take milli back
I mean the big bag, really fat account
put my tears up in the cloud,keep on chasing the bag
see my tears dropping on these roses made it bloody
street break my heart harder than I ever thought
Now I'm done healing,I better keep thinking
fake love on the street shit made the roses bloody
its like a blood bank, over fucking bloody
I'm on a trip shit,spirit is so outta country
on a French skin, now they think I made it
but I ain't never stopping till I lost my money count
Need to be rude rich,that I won't believe it
I just want the money, so the fame can keep skipping
every word on the street,think its prolly meant to break me
but it never made me, bitch you can never break me
focus on my path, no bitchies won't distract me
I'm on my own lane, it would never break me
you know that porch ride, I need it for my mummy
every word on the street really meant to break me
I just read them like bloom like bullshit,
I don't give a fuck about whatever these niggas say
I'm on a storey shit, house a beach bitch,
I know that rich rich, made them call me Richard
mama hate tattoo's, I would have put that on
put her on my chest,so that she can know I love her bad
I would have made my first milli many years back
Trusting on some street brothers, turn the yard back
I better hold my own yard,make a step back
wall is plastered, never lean back
I might burn these niggas,watch your finger bruising
mystics are by gone, I might need a gun
I know mama trying,she praying for her son
mama am gonna make it, I'll make you proud mum
stach a milli on a beamer thats a whole dream
I mean hood dream, I mean the wall dream
street divine, I'll be kinging if I got that title
sitting on the throne, make your niggas battle
give your niggas bottles, but y'all cold drinks (huh)
I'm being serious mother fucker
I ain't feed no nigga,we better make it all,
we better make it once and for all,
make it bop

I woke up this morning thing bout lean
see my own spin, hint the kingpin (huh)
on my knees praying to the lord
before I tour the world
heaven bloody roses