Dead Roses

[ Hook ]

I just wanna know how long this pain will last
This liqour and weed aren't really doing shit
I wish that radio can play me like you did
I cry me a river oh Lord im at worst
Im a dead rose x16

[ Verse ]

I really hope you feelin free now
I really hope you feelin great now
I really hope with that nigga you don't wake up on a wet pillow cuz u never did with me

Yeah i never did afford you shit
Im still angry you did abort her
She could've been like 2 years
I could've been a father now

How could you play my love like that ?
How could you think this is accurate ?
How could you try to impress friends while all i ever done was to impress you

Do you remember all the promises ?
Do you remember all the memories
Do you remember all the sour times that we had shit
Do you remember all the fun times ?

Im really going nuts on this
i can't even trust no more
I can't even love no more
All i do is just hit & run

I wonder if im heartless I use my heart less

I was down for you
I was really gonna live for you
You saw me at my worst saw me at my best
I was sprung by you
Thats the reason why im hung on you
Sacrificed a lot just to see you happy
I would side with you

Even when days were dark i was your only true friend
Reassured you that everything will be alright

I guess when my friends said i shouldn't love you more than you love me
This is what they meant
But im grateful it did happen
Is a lesson learned

[ Hook ]

[ Bridge ]

[ Hook ]


Song : Dead Roses
Artist(s) : Jay Beez
Album : Teen Affairs EP
Writer : Ronaldo "Jay Beez" Monoge
Executive Producer : Ronaldo "Jay Beez" Monoge
Label : Indie.
Year : 2018