[ Hook ]

You got me in my feelings & my homiez are tellin me its never a good thing
Oh yeah
If it happens that we ever gonna separate just know im glad we got happen
You're my bitch x3
Oh yeah.
You're my bae x3
Oh yeah

[ Verse 1 ]

Aow ntwana o nshapa ding dong
The feelings never faded away since the 10th grade
Im still the same flattered nigga from 11th grade
Who promised to ride & fly for you to the grave

You the last of a dying breed
You motivate me to the best i could ever be
No di lass compliments are your daily bread
No di lass is like valentines everyday

Now i make songs about you
What the fuck is this
Am i fallin too deep now ?

Girl i hope the feeling is mutual.
I gave you all my heart more like an organ donor

Are you free on the weekend
Take you to the stu introduce you to my OGs

If you weak i'll be strong
For whatever reasons.
If they ask tell em

( Bridge )

You like it when i hit from the rear
Now the neighbours know my name know my name Beez
Beat it & beat it till your legs start to shake
Funny you a good girl but a freak in bed X2

[ Hook ]

[ Verse 2 ]

Girl you still are my crush
You got me feelin sparks that i never felt prior
Remember when we separated
Then my heart separated
Everything went down the drain i couldn't elevate it
Right now

Then Mash called me up like yo bro
I hope you got home safe i heard you nearly got hit by a car stay strong
But deep down i was weak as fuck
I was pissed as fuck
Right now

We still laugh about it
I love your dimplez girl
Call me after class
Lets watch some movies

I'll go to war for you
I'll break the law for you
I'm gonna lie for you
Baby tell me would you die for me ?

[ Hook ]


Song : BAE
Artist(s) : Jay Beez
Album : Teen Affairs EP
Writer : Ronaldo "Jay Beez" Monoge
Executive Producer : Ronaldo "Jay Beez" Monoge
Label : Indie.
Year : 2018