From Parow with Love - EP

Jack Parow’s music is hardly ever renowned for being inherently intelligent. The general impression of Parow is that his music mainly revolves around getting drunk and partying. That is probably because people only remember him for songs like “Cooler As Ekke” and “Dans Dans Dans”. He is hardly ever remembered for his songs that revolve around complex emotional themes such as “Tussen Stasies” or his anthem for the working class “Ode To You”. Drinking and partying may be an inherent part of Parow’s nature, but it is not the defining characteristic of his music – it is merely one of many aspects. His latest EP, From Parow With Love, quite accurately reflects this.

The EP may reduce him, and his collaborators, to fewer songs than usual but it does allow for the listener to become fully aware of the multifaceted nature of Parow’s music. The majority of the EP, with the exception of two songs, was done in collaboration with Dutch artists that Parow encountered through his touring of the Netherlands. The EP reflects a sense of cultural and linguistic amalgamation as each artist spits bars in their own mother tongue. Dutch finds itself flowing into Afrikaans and the similarities between the two languages quickly become apparent. A new generation of Afrikaans liberalism finds itself jostling for attention with the much more low-key and liberal nature of the Dutch mindset. Parow sees fit to state in the opening song “Kattenkwaad” that “Jan Van Riebeeck rap nou saam met Khoisan” – a statement that would curl the toes of the conservative Afrikaans, but clearly shows that Parow is past trying to appease his conservative critics. He rather delivers a stunning statement that reinforces the idea that Cape Town and the Netherlands has come together for this EP...


# Title Length
1 Kattenkwaad 2:59