Who Better Than Me?

Who better than me? (I'm the realest ain't no nigga that can do it like me) Who better than me?? (I'm finna gloat like the goat I am coz I don't fuck with sheep) Who better than me? (Boykid tell these lames how a god never sleep) Who better than me? (I ain't playing if I hit u, u ain't saying no shit)

Who better than me? Everytime I make a move I be labelled a G, who better than me?? Me vs me the only battle that be real in these streets, but then I'm, mr meaner I bully these other niggas, I ain't bout to make a friend, coz you niggas is looking senile, uh misdemeanor, is what u call when u murder, I murder and cause a felony, like green river killer, uh my sonogram depicts the image of evil, I be, fxcking possessed by homicidal demons, I be, prophesied to be the end of ur beginnings, I assassinate, and cremate ur body, like a heathen, I turn, none believers and make em serve with the preachers, and drug the world with diseases, until the coming of Jesus, uh I masturbate whenever writing up my rhymes, the power is in the semen, giving life to every scripture uh...