Had a couple steaks turning to a quoter million
hustle in the trap now my paper to the ceiling l'll
be on the job profit never going down man.
We Working X4
[Verse 1:Young Geezii]
Spinning the City with Muller me and ma Niggers
we blowing, we blowing the weed and we blowing
the paper
Mind on the paper we never go wrong, working is
last, tripping the shelves
Turning the Bitches to big spenders
Hustle and work that's a hustle Worker
Sliding the Window I hear the voices
Angels are Calling ma name they give me a
blessing am running with it sliding with it
Ma Nigger we ruling the game we owning this shit
Gat it alright, Set that is fit, fill it to top
Tell me to tell, tickle the blessings you'll see my
Gat it I Gat it on This crap
All of Ma Niggers we Do it right
Five is a number of life
Yes that I know that is right
Hustle is Real
Life is a lie
Blessing is a jam
Jiggle ma Nigger we Ruling This Shit
Stop me you'll never Stop me
All of ma Niggers Are Here
Halar the bitches who blocking us
We say it again
We Working X4
[Verse 2:Young Geezii]
Said it again
Mind over bottles, battling with Bitches
Wasting ma time, Tell me to tell you a story
Fuck it am tricking this traders
Pulling a Trigger
Tiger is ma Sign
Niggers are thinking of signing a new kid
Look at me now, lay me a flaw
Give that cash you will see the light
Gat it I Gat it With Tibo Tuch
You know me ma Nigger I'll give you all, Fuck all
ma Niggers who's on earth?
Ma Nigger am ghost I do it right
Ruling the stars I'll be filling arenas
Working with bitches who gat it all wrong
All of ma Niggers we doing it better
We Roasting Em Niggers we fucking it all