Puzzled Words


Welcome To the Lion's den.


Mind Overworking Pain Overloading
I don't Really have to say it all man you see it
Looking in my eyes can't you see that i am bleeding man
Oh man oh man I am Bleeding
Say feel the pain,major pain
Looking in my eyes can't you see that am hurting man
Major Pain Major Pain
Looking in my eyes can't you see I Feel it man.


Somebody stop me ma Twitter fingers are going wild
This niggas's crazy they thinking am gon' let it slide
Am Getting complex you niggas think am kinda blind
Ma heart is bleeding ma lover turned to a woodpecker
Getting no sleep am feeling like am a backpacker
Ma Love is lost am seeking but never find the blinker
I'll say it straight ma father turned into a lil Butt
Am never sorry for saying what's in my Brocken heart
Just keep on poking you better be ready for the mat
They give respect caus' I just gave em a glowing light
This niggas beefing provoking the Crazy bad site
[Low]:Not on My level nigga you are damn right
Turn me back up I want this niggas to hear it
Am chasing the gwab you chasing the fame that's the big difference
Am over the charts you wanna get in that's the big difference
Am Getting respect you getting attention that's the big difference
Just say it after me
[Tune]:"His A Lame Nigga"
Classified your a gay nigga
Your a broke nigga
Tryna' be the coolest nigga?
Damn, am the psycho nigga
Thought I had it but currently I just lost it
Am Getting crazy ma senses are failing just to get it