Appreciation (Prod. by DJ Wayse)

Immortal Rick

Rick Single Release


Yo what up, yo
Is the old school times
And I just wanna make em feel like 1999

[Verse 1]
Yo, I appreciate it for all the support I get lately
But first I gotta thank my mom and dad cause they made me
Something is clear that I was born wit this raps
I caught these niggas playing cards and I'm just changing the deck
It's time to move queens and kings let's chase about it
I'm a knight with the vision of killing rappers wit attitude
All my lyrics show up as a dream now its gradual
Rappers of Lukcity, Massive is the only rocking crew
I see you're talking but ain't nothing personal
When is something personal, I get too delusional
Illusional minded when I'm facing my inner fears
Somebody might lose their life when they tryna fight me or interfere in my business
I never changed I'm a savage
Barely twenty but niggas know I'm better than the average
What I'm tryna say is I always keep it lit
Catch my goons in their smoking session with their blunts lit

[Hook] (x4)
Yeah, is the old school times
And I just wanna make em feel like 1999

[Verse 2]
Okay, is the rap disciple
Killing verses aiming at niggas just like a rifle
Taking my time on the mic as I spit Jordan bars
Always knew I got the sauce and I'm just flexing on these rhymes
Yeah I want some change, I want the money fuck the fame
Maybe make it to the top and just be king of the game
Cause most rappers in my hood they ain't know my lane
I tried to make em see I got the juice
And I'm five years deep in this rap shit and I still got em
And when they hate on me Imma stunt on em
And if they fakin' it Imma pull 9s on em
Wreck the remedy, broke your girl's virginity
Time is limit so we strive for greatness
The right time gon' come just be patient
Kill at the devil take my soul, my nigga is violence