How to be added

Well, you've landed on the right page, as you might have noticed the site consists of 3 main links Artists, Albums and Lyrics. We will provide you with a breakdown of what is needed in each in order to get your content published on the site. Now if we already have some of your content, you can just provide us with that is missing and/or what you think we should change.

What is needed

Actually the two main things are your bio and lyrics, if you happen to have your bio somewhere else you could simply send us a link where we could find the info in order to create your profile and just email us your lyrics.

If you want to be in more control of your content, we have provided a breakdown of what is needed in each main link.


This is essentially your profile
What is needed is:
- Profile Picture (prefer close-up)
- Social Links (full links to your social profiles)
- Website Link (if available)
- Bio (in English please)


What is needed:
- Album cover
- Album info (in English please)
- Year of release


Please organise them by album
What is needed:
- Song name
- Lyrics
- Featuring (if the song happens to feature someone)
- Link to media (only youtube, vimeo and soundcloud are currently supported, private soundclouds are not supported)
- Track no. and Length (optional but appreciated)

All album lyrics don't have to be submitted at the same time as we will most likely add your current/latest album first and the others will follow.
Should it happen that you have already submitted your album lyrics before the release of your album we will be glad to hold off on publishing the content until such time comes.
If you only have a single song for now, you can always submit it yourself using our submit lyrics form found here.

Please send all necessary info to and you can use your (artist) name as the subject.