On My Own (Remix)

Up in this remix X2

[Hip Hop Pantsula]
Today it’s all about cash and cheques empowering blacks
And having sex with ten chicks
All feeling celebrity dicks
It’s all about hustling keys, getting VIP’s roll up at ease
Pleasing fools with your face in the mix
It’s all about what’s in what not, what’s wack what’s hot
Who sells a lot, which lepara is hogging the spot
It’s all about who killed who, who thrilled who, who built who
Beat jacking hoping nobody knew
If you think hore ke feletswe, Selwyn o nbeletse
A re o kenetse, style sa ka o se kwaletse
The remix, Phantom Slik gave it a fix
And made a song about how we merge 3 types clique
We on our own now, bling bling roaming The Zone now
Beatmaker on production taking us home now
But as to how we did it ke madlozi that know now
Come from being wack to being full time grown ups
Come on…

[Hip Hop Pantsula]
We on our own now
We the type of brothers who can drink in any bar now
(Up in this Remix)
And Baby Phat be the clique that be taking me far no
We on our own now
S’bheke phambili no ways we gonna slow down
(Up in this remix)
Amajita asekasi are taking it far now

Please man understand, I’m a humble soul
When I rap I feel warmth but the industry is cold
People only give you love for copies you sold
Wish I could find happiness from my inner soul
But we find it from this companies and what we’ve been told
If nobody feels you then you on your own
Your friends disappearing you become unknown
And frustration keeps ringing but not your phone
Can’t be seen in the streets you always at home
Too embarrassed to be in public the shine is gone
Depression takes place and drugs are the escape
Can’t believe your existence is determined by a tape
Realizing it’s not reality it’s just fake
Even members of your family you thinking they snakes
Ask those majors about Mahlathini I bet they will shake
This shit needs to change, all our steps we need to take


Ubani?? Double H, P and Selwyn agga nee
It’s about to be the worst collaboration of rap this year
Is this the best rap has to offer
Angisazi siyamosha, accused ngoguthi si-rapper nje ngabafazi
Double H, P the only rapper kufanele ithole uswazi
Being hip bathi siyaphapha and flabbagast together
Claiming MC and a kwaito rapper will never mix
Like a zulu dancer ngomjeka, you gonna get dissed
You can hate us and label us okusalayo anazi niks
Ngi-rapper ngengadla for target practice and make hits
Double H, P hustle MC rough and tumble as we can be
You can mumble all you need, thina asi-fumble we’ll never be
Ipantsula nga-hier, nehlanya le-rap nga-daar
Spoja sa masaka proving hip hop is really going far
On top of that we the top cats, not from Jam Alley
No Vinoliah we showing you how we rolling kid oh really