Savage Freestyle

Savage Free style

I'm the fucken Revanant
I'm resurrection of Tupac , B.I.G , big pun and easy E
So Come to the jungle and study how i kill

The name is Hermainem
And im a slave to the booth

I'm coming from the high institution..
I've got Kush on the backpack
And the books are for rolling..

My back is made of steel ,
I'm breaking backstabbers guillotines ...

Ive got a tattoo on the leg ,
That's the moving graphitti

I'm Spitting heavy lines that can't be carried in cargo...

My addiction is the game,
I aren't need to smoke tobacco..

Ego on steroids,
utterance is exorbitant!!!

Look From day one
been putting niggas in the tomb

Way too many Rappers,
sound the same.
Where the hell is creativity?

Its easy to conclude they're all related and phoney

Its HermaineM, the megacy...
Giving niggas chestpains..
Until coughing out the jealousy..

put me on ya song
I will kill you
Then piss on your grave...

My nigga You should behave
Coz aren't showing no mercy
I told you that I'm savage...

Non o my flows is calculated

Hey Sbhanxa
Ndithi zapha ndikxelele

Eyami flow-yomelele.
Nghlinzikomo ngthathi beef
Ngbashiye badlukotini.

I'm the fucken problem, make these dummy ass rappers call uber when they see me.
I swear to God aren't no body great as me

I've been saying that I'm insane
HermaineM is Savage
But this is just a freestyle

I've been saying that I'm insane
HermaineM is Savage
I'm the rap Albert Eisten
I'm the king of the metaphors
Muting these phoney ass rappers making alot noise.

The Oracle has spoken

I'm unpredictable,
So try not to provoke a bull.
This shit aren't new to me
It all started in a cypher..
Been ryming from the age of 10.
I guess I was born with it.

I aren't hit the pinnacle
But they calling me GOAT!!!

The crown is heavy on my head it's a lot of pressure

We don't sleep
We don't slumber
For fame we don't hunger
We Make it rain through the thunder

I aren't fuck with any of these new cats
They got mad beats
Making you think they're the shit

No fucks given...
I aren't taking shit no more...

Shut that crap up, you aren't got no backup.
This is my zone, whack MC's they better call Ifani

I don't have to get along with everybody, truth to be told,

Im the Light Skin Shaka Zulu
Ngiynkinga kakhulu..

When it comes to the booth man I can get enough
Like a chick with double D's
I'm going HARD and I kill

Lyrical incarceration I'm serving a life sentence

It's pretty evident I made it to the next millennium
It's funny how they buy their own CDs
Then they claim they went platinum

I aren't rapping to be seen..
Man I rhyme like there's no fucking tomorrow

Suicide gang
The DueWish fucking going cynical
S/O to Chad the Don
My nigga doing big things..
S/O to T-Kid
my nigga killing these beats

I'm dropping immortal 16s
Putting everybody 6 feet.