Wrong Typa Love

Verse 1
Wish you could open my heart
See the stitches & scars
Wish you could read my mind
There are things to discuss
It's always been love first
Then after it's Lust
It's always been us first
Then After It's Trust
It broke my heart when you left me
But it opened up for new blessings
Hallelujah to your body
It led me astray
You belong to somebody
I should stay away

Shit I miss you crazy
I hope you Okay
I hope you find peace
Every night I pray
A beautiful flower
A fucking bouquet
I love yous mean nothing
They just cliche
Emotional connection
Just fading away
memories we shared
Together Been on replay
Sex so good
I can feed you this D
Sex so good
Really made you cum quick
Hard to sleep at night
You wanna make it right
You wanna hold me tight
Damn I Think I might
Give you another chance
Let's have another dance
This a Toast to the love we never had

(The end )