Around (Prod. by Gussie Blu)

Gussie Blu

Trials Of Sight EP (2018)


I left for a minute and you started wondering
I got a mission yeah I got a mission
You come with a question just know I'm Around
Around, I been around

[Verse 1]

You talk about love and I get sick
Druggy for music I do lines
Play jog I'm running the track
Put out the word, I want the cheque
She walking in and my eyes on the ass
Google I need a pic crystal in zoom
I'm taking you home for the night babe
Let me walk in let me sign that
I'm keeping my ink no damage
In the morning I'm kicking you out babe
Let follow back, let me follow back
No mind games I got thrones Jack
You want the story why I been away
But I can't really tell you blow your nose away
I told my people to chill man
Out for the chill getting cold man
I had to go and see the mail man
I made my own sequel
I just had to write back


[Verse 2]

I never told you what I want babe
I keep it low key like a submarine
I'll wait for the amateur rain to grow from the young seed
A telling of a young king
I smoked enough to get my words sick
I'm coughing and you coming closer
Contagious it ain't, blessing it is
Ravage the night like a young king (ohh)
4am still on the note pad
Poetic justice I long to swerve to
Am I the victim? Am I the Jack shit?
Let me contain that
Become a star I'm burning my trees
Higher I go, higher I be
She wanna let go, do it for me
I don't need no chain I got my own bars
God damn it go get me candy bar
I feel like a freak on a Sweet thing
Baby put it aside
Pour up the julep and keep on the jog yeah