Say My Name

Verse 1 (Moreh)

I bet the story's the same for us all
Its all appeasing
Until its time to be feeding
That meaning
Of what you lust all defined in a woman's features,
I'm eager to tame this creature,
I'd fall for so many reasons
Blessed is the ground beneath her
Dull moments seem brighter when we're together,
You ain't a diamond, you're a chest of treasure. (Lemme take you deeper)
I know they aim to break you down so let me elevate you
Your being is angelic
I know you don't see it yourself so it's hard to accept it
I can't conform to ideas that frame you lesser
Prehistoric definitions that seem to box up your essence
I patent my scepticism
When I'm with you I feel God's presence
Don't get me started on your skin
My Nubian Queen, took a moment to comprehend
Lend me your ears, let me speak truth into my future
With heaven in your womb, I just might be asking for too much.


If I died today
Glad I had it my way (Say My Name shorty)
I found peace in your love that's insane (Say My Name)
Trust Is over all, want more than a taste (Say My Name shorty)
If its me that you seek, loyalty is the case
You by my side and the dreams that I chase
Feet on the dashboard, we about to share names
I said I'd never never change
It all happened in a day
I engage, I'm Amazed
At the soul that you've saved


Verse 2 (Charlie da Muse)

Shorty say my name
Hey Charlie be the name
Of the rapper that done came
For the game
And he can and his able
Treat the game, like his damsel
In distress
With his pencil, he'll finesse
All these angles, these pictures with these adjectives
Tryna push a narrative
And I'm never tangled
It's either no strings attached
Or no thing at all
Unless the string is a thong
And when I hit it, I attack
Got her moaning, in song
Moaning in song ?
And she sing all night
Yeah she sing all night
I tell her when she come again
She better bring her mic
Cause I love my name in Melodies
Pull out before I pollinate her ovaries
In the back, I'm playing jodeci
Cuddling cause it's cold you see ?
Charlie be the name
So shorty how about you sing


Verse 3 (Don Raphael)

Lord I've had too many nights of crying
Lord I've had too many nights of pain
Sometimes I'll be feeling like I'm dying
That's when I know the devil's playing games
I get on cloud 9 and I start flying
I know for certain, I'm not going today
Everything will happen within perfect timing
Cause I know one day this shit is goin change
(Get em)
I met her when she was single
Thought she was ready to mingle
That's when shorty hit me up
That's when things started looking up
Then a few weeks started passing by
And I ain't get no single hi
I guess my love wasn't enough
Now when I look at her, shorty's cuffed
My baby's gone
(My baby's gone, woooooo, my baby's gone)
My baby's gone
But I'll be okay
What more can I say ?
Cause I'm Don
(Raphael Nigga)