Creatures of the Night

The album promo for GoodLuck’s new offering – Creature of the Night – was handed over with the caveat that they’ve tried to do something different to their debut offering . Opener, and title track, Creatures of the Night, has radio hit single written all over it. It’s a simple little pop ditty; very catchy and sets the tone for something that is indeed slightly different from the group. Body Guard follows with the reassurance that they have not forsaken their electro-tinged jazzy/swing grooves completely and will prove a hit on the dancefloor. Trickery is a heady mix of drum ‘n bass and big-beat which works really well whilst All the Colours (feat. Mathew Gold) is more typical once again of the GoodLuck we’ve come to know. Mid-album tracks, Figure of 8 and Lost in Translation sees them drop the pace with two easy going groovers before hitting back with the swing-groovy What Would We Be featuring LA based Lisa Kekula who has featured on singles by both Basement Jaxx (most famously the track Good Luck) and The Crystal Method’s Realizer. The remaining tracks (4 of them) continue the format of mixing up big-beat, 4 to the floor swing-electro and pop-tinged ditties in equal measure. Creatures of the Night is undoubtedly a way more accomplished offering than their debut; better produced, musically more substantial and much stronger song writing. Well done to them.


# Title Length
4 All the Colours 3:52
5 Figure Of 8 5:31
7 What Would We Be 4:32
11 The Storm 4:52