Status quo

Global Jaey – Status quo Lyrics

Intro (LutherK)
Yeah it’s LutherK
Introducing to you
A Theo Sapien
The one and only
Global Jaey
Let’s Get it!

1st Verse (Global Jaey)
It’s your boi Global Jaey
I’m going gangsta on these demons
And I put all worldly rappers to extinction like them Dina sours
I fear nobody but only God almighty
so I keep my head up coz I’m walking with the Holy G
I’m not about to brag that I’m God in the flesh
And I ain’t feeling power coz it’s all in the bible
Saint John 10 : 34
Homie don’t trip
I’d also be a dog if my dad was a dog
But we are sons of God and the Lights to the lost
So Im shinning so bright brighter than the noon sun
I’m looking so fly coz I’m putting on Christ
I mount up like an eagle as I reach out to the lost souls
I used to be an introvert
Now I’m an extrovert
Coz all things have passed away like M. J
I’m so bold to preach the Gospel to every creature, every nation
Christian swag, we got it on lock huh!

Bridge (LutherK)
Alright, Alright
I hear you bro
Let’s talk about the status quo man
What’s happening out here?
What’s popping?

2nd Verse (Global Jaey)
Misodzi inodonha ndichiona zviri munyika
Yakananga Kuma gumo asi tiri kumhanya kumakomo
Kuno ona idzo n’anga nemapostori
Can’t you see?, they don’t even know the whole story
That’s why my heart is filled with grief
When I think about hell
Christ is coming like a thief
And He won’t ring no bell
Yeah, The King of kings is coming, prepare for his arrival
Give your life to Christ, that’s the only survival
We living in the last days
Nobody knows the last day
I’m tryna emphasize what the prophets prophesied
People talk about Yeezus
Blasphemy at its worst
What about Jesus
We don’t have time to rest
They don’t want Him on their Tvs’
But they write Him on their Cvs
Persecution of the Church
And its right there in your face
It’s time for us to team up with Loveworld stations
And reach out to the world on their TV stations
We can all be His mouthpiece
And lead the world to His peace
Find it in your heart to do your own part
For you to be a part of God ‘s glory when He comes