Let It Flow (Freestyle)

Let It Flow (Freestyle)

Ginger Breadman

Trill Singles


Let it go
Talk sick i let it go ah ah
Let it go

Back on my free style shit, no shade go gazibo
Bye bye to the nice guy tap into my beast mode
Rappers think they ill
I got the placebo
Effect i'm here to check on your lil ego

Let it smoke ...
Oouuu I just lit a jet check me Levitate
I take coffee with my cigarettes then i meditate
I was surfing on them interwebs
Clicked and post that said Trilly dope ...
Is he still the best ?!

S'this a joke ?!
I done been a GOAT
Since I was freshman
And Nope ...
This ain't difficult did it just to flex
This is a lay-up,this here finger roll is strictly for the net
Get yo weight up fuck you innit for?!
Just to get a cheque?!

I let it go ...
Talk shit
I let it go
Yeah yeah
I let it go
Talk shit
I let it go

They'll be telling stories bout me at the fire place
I got a 5 mic status the steaks are higher mate
Don't wanna do anymore verses out at the interviews
My album got 13 tracks excluding interludes

I'm back-pack boom bapin' on dis new trap shit
Make you loop it back for all the cool adlibs

Screw that this is culture
Mothertswaka screw that
This would happen if my nigga scoop rapped
This that make you take your jordans off get your jewels snatched
This that fuck with one of us we'll fuck with one of you back
This that put the kids to bed and force feed a vegan beef
Fuck a tweet ; fuck a meet 'n greet
I'll bring that school back

I - Let it go
Talk shit I let it go
Gahd damn I let it go
Ouuu ouuu I let it go
Ouuu ouuu I let it

T told told they gon' sleeeep on yooouuuu ouuu
I couldn't resist