High End (Freestyle)

[Verse 1]
Designer shit, you know
It's a boutique piece for young OGs and ODBs
For connoisseurs only
The finishing touch is Commodores
You won't find this in just any kinda store
This is retro, too special
Too much attention to detail, sentimental
This could couture shit is sport fit
The flow too fly to force it
Your flow too dry, it's horse shit
Mogul ties, ocean drive imported
Champagne fluid, campaign music, important
Transcend a trend, I do it
In pursuit of greatness
This' top shelf exclusive
Translucent groove shit
Presidential with the serial face
Sound like had a cream taste
I'm bout to leave a clean plate
This is red carpet with your dream date
And a couple hundred thousand in a briefcase

[Verse 2]
Yeah that one right there, next to the Da Vinci
Too classy to flash when it's vintage
Basquiat vision so priceless, the nicest
Twelve months later worth twice what the price is
Three piece at the bow tie
Mingle with the multis, only by invite
Black diamond, very rare finding
Stars in alignment
Once in a lifetime, it feels like success
Reason you waited patiently
When new money gets old but ages gracefully
Until we enhance shit, this shit is madness
Too bourgeois for a bad bitch
Too intimidating to the average
And too sophisticated to be savage
Gentlemen's club, I'm talking mad rich

Black cars, black cards
Champagne, Cuban cigars, invite only
Private clients, private wealth
Yacht club, expensive