One More Time

I got that Ice in my three cups
Re pusha mgerezo vele you know my team buck
My enemies and my competition gon need luck
You haters need hugs
I got you (One more time)
You rappers bore me
I'm steady bumping Thandiswa
Nna le majita schemin on how we gon get this green up
How you the best man
I'm married to the game without a prenup
Will anything come between us!?
Deez nuts
So see ya
Slyza tsotsi soon as you see us
I see ya
My Pitori connects is la familia
Wa mfeel-a
Running Jozi in my Adidas
Putting my faith in God and in the Madibas we trust
(One more time)
Eyes closed, smoking Sativas
Imagine me at a sold out arena
Out The Dome to Moses Mabida
They thinking fame makes you a diva
But I don't reply to DMs 'cause man
These hoes screen munch

I've had bars like lepantiti
Since back when I had that crush on Mandisa
From Yo-TV
Even though she was way outta my league
And so I decided my ashy rapping ass gon be on TV
So I could get the chance to meet her (lets do it)
(One more time) Whoo
Look at me now
My face all over your screen
Even did a rap show on Yo-TV for a couple'a seasons
If you believe, you can achieve
You have a dream
Bend on your knees
Pray to God and repeat (One more time)
Hungry nigga from Potchefstroom
But somewhere in Limpopo
My song is probably some little boy's caller tune
Did a joint with Khuli
Went on tour with Tumi and Reason
We had the country bumping the cheese up (Let's do it!)
(One more time)
Blowing my trumpet I bounce like a trampoline
What you rappers mean
Cats is gasolined up
I went from ashy to glistening
Looking Vaseline
Living fast on the TL and the magazine
Trilly had a dream, what (x3)