Mo Better

[Mo Better excerpt]
"Right now I'd like to bring to the stage "
"A fine musician and as well a very dear friend"
"Its get mo better with time yo"
"It has to"

Critically acclaimed
Didn't need the fame
Didn't need a chain
I dropped first 48
Man I did it to the game
And my label paid it's dues
Now I'm finna be the change
Isn't it insane?
Trilly picked a lane
And half his "rapper friends" were acting like they didn't give a damn
If this song is like a picture then my project's like a gallery
The painting's off the wall
I couldn't fit in the frame

[Mo Better excerpt]
"People can teach you 2 things"
"What to do"
"And what not to do"

The pressures of them hoping you the one who'll break the record is insane
And being hall-of-fame-level playing little league is strange
It's hard to go from having Jordan posters on the wall
To realizing you Lebron
So you always 'sposed to train
To brands we just 'sposed to entertain
But to fans this is mo' than just a game
And the culture is engraved in the essence of our beings
Peep the diddy-bop and all and hear talk with all this slang

[Mo Better excerpt]
Clarke: "You’ve been more imaginative"
Bleek: "Oh I've got a million of them"
Bleek: "Ever heard of the Mo Better"
Clarke: "Mo what?"
Bleek: "Mo Better makes it more better"
Clarke: "But in the mean time. I'll settle..."
Clarke & Bleek: "...for some of that mo better"

When my music hits you niggaz still feel the pain
Look how I survived
Built for this game
And my thoughts are weighing heavy
I can feel it in my brain
And these gimmicks come and go
But the Trillest will remain
No luck - winning's in the veins
No fucks given in exchange
Cause I'm thinking how these women come in two's when your single hot
I'm tryna act bujy like that booty ain't a thang
But understand

[Mo Better excerpt]
Shadow Henderson: "That's right"
Shadow Henderson: "The people don't come because you grandiose motherfuckers don't play shit that they like."
Shadow Henderson: "If you played the shit that they liked, then the people would come"
Shadow Henderson: "Simple as that"
Shadow Henderson: "Like me that's what I'm gonna do"
Shadow Henderson: "I don't know about you but that's what I'm gonna do"
Bleek: "I see so..."
Shadow Henderson: "I'm gonna play the shit that everybody like"
Bleek: "I have my own voice right, all I'm saying"
Bleek: "People are listening..."
Shadow Henderson: "Everybody is deaf brother, aint nobody listening"
Shadow Henderson: "You got a voice"
Bleek: "People are listening to my voice"
Shadow Henderson: "Aint nobody coming"
Bleek: "What you talking bout nobody's coming?"
Shadow Henderson: "You just said, you just said"
Bleek: "I didn't say nobody is coming"
Bleek: "I said our people aren't coming"
Bleek: "That's what I'm talking about"