First 48

To all these promoters 'fore you approach a dude
I really hope you thought it through
It's couple grands
No less than a dozen bands
No gas, my level premium
My dime got all the minerals homey
Nothing serious, phoney
You so hilarious, clone me
I dare you
These niggas hit you with like one chorus
And that was one chorus, you went dumb for it
Then they talk shit
And you gun for 'em
Then you all think
That it's done for 'em
Then they drop shit
Then you run for 'em
Like they drop hits
Then it's run for us
When they run shit
You all punt for 'em
Then they get big
And they start touring
But then you shouldn't dare
Complain about it since ya'll the ones that done put 'em there
I caught my second wind
I'm in my zone again
The swagger of a millionaire, hunger if Ethiopians
Women want me to pop seeds in their fallopian
I heard money trees
Those the seeds I wanna pop instead
People throw shade when they thinking that you aint got the bread
But stop it, you know it's him
The gospel, you know I'm him (hymn)
Flow as dope as opium and poppy seeds I'm Heroin
Give you nothing less from here on
Oh here I go again
Shockingly, brands still acting like finance minister's budget speech
Wanna fucking preach about the good exposure
But I gotta eat, never budging B
Leave me be(e), you see I'm buzzing
That's why you call so quit bugging me
Naww, you don't want it with me though
I'm the one
You don't want it with Neo
That's the trill in me nigga
Get the trilogy in the name of the father, son and the holy spirit
I'm dodging a bullet, that's for trinity nigga
Turn the game into a grave site
It's tombs everywhere
My stanzas like the holocaust
I drop Jews (jewels) everywhere
Speaking of which, I'm clumsy with it man
I drop the jewels, not the ball
I Kobe-Hog it, I'm destined not to lose
I've learnt some lessons
From the blessings that I got refused
You can't dance with the God
If you aint got the moves
And I inspires myself
You niggas got a muse
And you as amusing as Dr. Seuss
You waiting on me to fail
I leave you hanging man, I got the noose
I never need a plan B or even option 2
I make opportunity out of obstacle
I'm really unstoppable
You should really stop the bull
I'm shooting from the hip
It's click click I just cock and pull
I drop the knowledge, I refuse to acknowledge you
We got it down to a science
Break it down to a molecule
Just to get at em (atom)
What other point do I gotta prove
For the cheddar y'all sound all type cheesy like parmesan
It's rhyme or die when I'm on a song
The rhyming don
Got you starving for food for thought like it's Ramadan
God with the verse Allahu AkBars, Trilly