Never Give Up


Less G Made Production am back for you motherfuckers you know that!
Yeahh GessieBOWzY is back
And I will never give up am telling ya!


Never Give Up dog
(I will never give up dog)
Never give up (wooohhh!!!!)
I will Never give up
(I will never give up) (5-2-87)
Never give up
Never give up
(Less G Made!)


I will never give up dowg (wooohh!!!)
Never give up (GessieBOWzY!)
I will never give
(I will never give up)
Never give up
Never give up,
I will never give up dog

Verse 1 : GessieBOWzY

Ni pusher Less G Made I won't give up til you rate me
And rap is in many ways but those niggas start to hate me
Coz am asking many questions and they fail to understand it
Taking face toward down, what'a fuck you looking down for?
(I will never give up dog)
Look me in my eyes, am your motherfucken answer
You know rap is not a crime, but am running out of time
I made a wish to die in it, now I quit quick!
But they see Geja coming, am all and always
Brain is on fire, am bombing these gays, all days
They pushing me angrier, fuck nigga am superior
Problem in my area, am now Pitbull terrier
They think they egoist imma cut them foreskins
(I will never give up dog)
Swimming in these beef like a fish with no fin
Mind is full of shit but they trying to win?
Ok, lemme have a Gin and tell em what I mean
Yeah, Midzaha zolo mitamba musi,
Mi khoma Mic mvalavula shit
Mibyela vanhu miku eka rap mi tele ku moxa
Kula mi kuma Memo mi lunghisa la minga hoxa
Hiku beef ni sweka hi mbita ingari ami kholwi hiyo oxa
Ni puncher Mreppa a nyuma, agova ku fana na nwana wa kgoxa,
I won't give up


Outro : Less G Made

Ha-ha!, fake niggas they sucking yow!
And they barking when am fucking ya!
I left niggas blank now you call me hope killer?
Am not hope killer am dope dealer!
I sing songs you sang songs, but all songs are fong kong
I have hope, to play dope
But they say nope I aint copw
If you don't understand me,
Follow my foot steps motherfucker am still in the ring