Gang of Instrumentals

Gang of Instrumentals is a critically-acclaimed South African urban-pop group, founded in 2002, whose
innovative musical style is a mixture of hip hop, street rap, pop, soul, R&B, ragga, reggae and rock, with
elements of kwaito and house.

This fusion of different sounds has landed them the coveted Best Urban album at the 2009 South African Music
Awards (SAMAs), and high profile performances such as the Presidential Inauguration, Cape Town Jazz
Festival, Africa Day, Miss World, Indian Cricket League and numerous other premiere events.

The band members, Tumi ‘Lady Naturelle’ Masemola, Mandla N- Pimville spokesman, and ‘Bongo’ Riot Zungu,
also write, produce and act in City Ses’la, which is the 2nd largest local show on TV (after Generations). With
an average AR rating of 16.9, City Ses’la has had various seasons and picked up 7 out of the 8 awards they
were nominated for at the SA Film and Television awards in 2009, making it by far the most successful comedy
show in South Africa.