J Cole - Middle Child ( G Sensei Cover )


Niggas been shutting me out ,I notice the real ones ,I'm loading the clips
Not here for the fame or for the forbe's list
I'm checking it twice and I'm giving them hits
Some niggas is lying man they never real
The game Is off-balance I'm back on my shit
My sneakers is dirty,my bitches is dirty but that's how I like em they all on my dick

(Verse 1)

I never stressed about niggas on lean, I wanna break all the money machines,
I'm gong break the one-hit wonder routine, fuck all these niggas man they'll never win,
I been too much you can see from the rags, it's funny most niggas think we are friends,
A nigga gotta do what a nigga gotta do, break relationships to get the cash,

Let's set the record straight like it's a lesbian, these niggas ain't men I think they are faggots,
I put in the work, swear there's no retrenchment, never DM me yeah to it, there's levels,
I been bashed on media so many times, I endured pain from all of the lies,
I ain't yet made it, but to me I made it, a text from my ex confirmed what I denied,

In it for blood, you'd swear I am Crip, I am the captain to all of these sheeps, Who is the goat, point me I do not see, yeah I am Ray Charles man I do not see,
They go to studio to sound all the same, they making the records to settle for fame,
It was on intention that I put this line but he'll never get it cause he ain't that sane,

Be real with me man stop with the faking, just with a promo, careers I'm saving,
Get up your ass and stop being lazy, you want support but you just complaining,
Piece of advice to all of the real, stick to the plan, one day you will reap,
One day to the stars you will do exists, through expectations you will do exceed,

I just poured something in my cup,
I been wanting something I can feel,
Promise I will never let it go,
Money in your palm don't make you real,
Foot is on they neck, i got em stuck,
Time to give em something they can feel,
Man I really do not give a fuck,
Pistol in your hand don't make you real,