Subway General

Shut the fuck up!
I’m the subway general (General)
That's a 5 star criminal
Yoh! I’m the subway general (General)
I'm combined with criminals
Yoh! I’m the subway general
General that's a 5 star criminal, criminal
I’m the subway general, general I’m combined with criminals, criminals

Bullets gon' fly now somebody's gon' die
I’ma hit em with em bars now somebody's gon' cry
You the shark in the water that's fish im gon' fry
I might be paranoid but I got my eyes on the price
Mental(ly) Slave God knows what I'm down for
Enemies wish they even pray for my downfall
I’ma keep it going keep it going like a snowball
Tell em they were lying if they said Pac is no more
Biggie, Jigga & Nas I'm the problem many can't solve
Perhaps you haven't heard I'm the SA's Most-Wanted, Most-Hated, Most-Gifted yeah I'm different
Booth is my church I flip verses with these syllables
Call me diehard times two I'm unkillable
Psychopath in me that Demon's unhealable, unbreakable, unstoppable pause!
I'm about that real music I ain't got no time to entertain
I need a neurosurgeon, yeah I'm insane
I might walk up to your bitch and tell her straight ‘Gimme brains’
Now I'm a prime suspect I cut the law budget
You searched for me at the wrong place I'm right here in the basement
Ghost mode in the graveyard you'll scream for yo savior
But me I'm the King I eat sushi with no caviar
Put me on the mic scale nobody's more heavier
Ambulance on standby somebody's gon' carry ya
I see you in ICU somebody's gon' body ya

And somebody's gon' burry ya
Somebody's gon' cry for ya
And soon somebody's gon' moan for ya
I came in the game hood Adios
To the chair I deserve I'm getting close
Lemme sit in the throne as I sapoz
Man listen

I'm the subway general
5 star criminal
But ya'll gon' feel me now
And ya'll gon' see me now
I'm yo favourite Rapper's worse fear
Scary thoughts and nightmares
To whoever is sitting in my chair
On 1 on 1 I don't fight fair
Wazz up with a blind stare?
I'm dope but my nose clean
In water I'm a Dolphin I snorkle in the ocean
Go ahead you can poke me
I don't care it's yo funeral
Go ahead and criticize, well it happened to em OGs
I'm hot with a cold-breeze
I got Bars up in my sleeves
Fire in the booth I'm low-key
All these N***as owe me
I'm ballin' while I'm scorin'
Tell my Mama I'm sorry it might take me long but I'm handlin' this

Better pray me I'm God in this
Godemis gave me this
Conquer kill & captivate
If cousin callin' compensate
Concentrate and set it straight
Meditate and keep the faith
I'm breathing fire I let it spray
I’m a maniac, everyday
I’m the trap renegade
Snakes and bunch o' duplicates
We speak our mind they duplicate
They tryna mimic heavyweights
I break it down like dominoes
Be ready for apocalypse
Volcano you can't extinguish
I don't fly with these penguins nah!

White Horse with a Horn (Signs)
Chackras be ignored (Why)
Let God be involved (Pray)
Problems He will solve (Soon)
Changes will occur (When?)
When sun shine again

Know this
I’ma die for this sh*t that's my life on the line
Go hard or go hone or you'll pay with yo life
Powers of a Demon take a look in my eye
If my story is untold then I'll stay underground
Stevie Wonder blindfolds that's venom in your eye
Alligator I’m so cold especially when I'm high
I'm the bomb threat they'll know I'm about to blow
Slippery or not that's my foot on the floor
Gangstas they know that I’m hard-with-a-core

I'm just a man with a vision
Tom Cruise in a mission
I still count on my instincts
I be rapping till my 60s
Take yo nose out o' my business