Bless all my niggas
Then I bless all my bitches
Bless marijuana
Then I roll lot of Swishers

Im so bless
I finess

Verse 1
I'm blessed by both God and the devil
I'm holy as hell,there's no pastor on my level
No diamonds on my skin,melanin shine brighter
Got a lighter inside tha water,lit a blunt just to float
Black sheep with a black lips fuck a goat
Bless her with some babies put my dick in her throat(cough)
You so useless like a used condom
Talking dirt about me cause i know the bottom
I'm provocactive towards Yes men, Yes sir
Lucy mostly on my conscious go ahead ask her
Jim Carrey on this niggas,two faced too fake
Only God is the realist,I'm blessed cuz i pray

You issa hoes ass nigga
I'm a blessed black nigga

Fuck it im blessed×2
No jesus piece on my neck
I've seen God in a flesh