Mighty spirit intervine.........

(verse 1)

Mighty spirit everywhere I go
Might spirit even in my show
Mighty spirit you should already know
Mighty spirit you should never go
Haters never try to hit me
They know that I got it in me
He gives me power
Every hour, I'm living the holy spirit
He gives me power everyday and I preach the word every day
I'm loving the holy ghost,
You should never leave me
For thine is thy kingdom
Thy power and thy glory,
Forever and ever


(verse 2)

For God so loved the world
I'm talking about this world
That he gave his only begotten son
After every sin that we had done
I really thought that we were done for
But the son was the only one
He died for us on the holy cross
His death was the biggest loss
We were the ones to gain after each and every pain,
He went through
For you,
That's why, that's why I call him... Call him:
Ulsherdy, you should never die
Ulsherdy....... You should never dieeeeeee...



I never thought that I would reach
In a level that I would preach
I never thought that I would reach
Just because I wasn't rich
The father the son and the holy ghost,
I admire you the most