Flex Boogie

If you pay your hard earned money to see an artist perform and you leave the club without the same excitement you came in with, you have been robbed and the bus stops here....

Out comes, the prolific, eccentric, well mannered entertainer with a knack for captivating his audiences with a charisma only seen in the ages of the late great Fela Kuti. A symbol of arrogant yet approachable class and a figure lanky yet exemplifying simplicity and eloquence in speech, Ladies and gentleman, This is FLEX BOOGIE. What you will love paying your money to see and love it enough to come back.

Born Abdul Hakeem Anderson-Lesolang in a remote Village in The Northwest province of South Africa and Raised in the capital city, Pretoria, his first taste of performance was in 2001 when he formed a quarted of like minded muslim brothers. they came together as Ba4za, releasing critically acclaimed projects in the underground hip hop scene in Gauteng.

Hungry for more than the underground appeal and lustful for the mainstream industry the road chosen wasnt an easy on in 2008, where he released "PENS & SWORDS". The L.P received massive scale demand but those were not met due to distribution woes. He still maintained and flourished as a stellar performer and this gained him crucial nods from several publications and media houses that pegged him as one of the greats to come out in 2011.

Comfortable and even hungrier than when he began, he returned to the studio to write and record his followup project "About The Money". The project features production from mainstay producers in the capital city and across South Africa as he revisits his day one plan. To entertain and make his money by giving credible lyrical content and gaining your love.

Get on the Bus. It's a long Ride to glory....



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