Flash Republic

Since the release of its cracking debut, ‘Time Is Now’ in 2005, South Africa’s Flash Republic has been fleshing out a musical vision that – in 2011 - is only just hitting its considerable creative stride.

The past five years have seen the trio hone a dance-driven sound that easily places it alongside similar top-drawer outfits around the globe – along the way delivering a rack of chart-topping radio singles (including last year’s monster hit ‘Twister’) and earning Flash Republic the respect of some dance world’s biggest-name remixers (among them Seamus Haji, StoneBridge, Thomas Gold, Prok & Fitch, Fonzerelli, Bellatrax and Henry John Morgan).

Like any proper creative outfit, Flash Republic has been unwilling to stick within any prescribed genre boundaries in its half-a-decade journey so far. Indeed, over the past year, Flash Republic’s founding core of Tamara Dey, Ryan Dent and Craig Massiv has expanded into a broader family. Key to the latter are guitarist Martin Rocka (Martin Rocka & The Sick Shop) and drummer Isaac Klawansky (Soft Serve, The Shadowclub), both scorching live musicians in their own right.

Rocka and Klawansky now play an integral role in Flash Republic’s much anticipated third album, due out later in 2010 and the follow-up to 2008’s ‘Danger’. Working out of the Jazzworx Studio in Johannesburg, Flash Republic’s original songwriting trio of Dent, Massiv and Dey has been augmented by Rocka – and the results of this newly invigorated composing team are already sounding superb. Klawansky has also taken his efforts from the live stage into the studio, playing an integral role in the recording of the upcoming album...