Choose Happiness

Flameboi Tetri - Choose Happiness

I'm still growing up, so what I'd say is, fuck the world, just choose happiness man, choose happiness

Every fucking night I just sit and wonder why
Why am I this person who is me and who is I?
Introspection got me asking who the fuck is god?
Even though I know I gotta pray to this guy
I don't even know where I'm going no more
I'm just doing class, music and trading more
Tell me when we die, who the fuck we hoping for?
A nigga with a fork or angels opening doors
You see, my peers either follow money or the pussy
While I'm out here over looking searching for answers I know I won't find
Man this shit really tends to fuck my mind
I don't even know if I am just a lie
Cause I'm searching for a truth that I know I won't find
Shit is critical, I can feel I'm in my body this ain't medical, I feel the beings in me shit getting spiritual

Yeah, but I'm woke
Whoever gave me life here's my fucking toast
I thought I would die but woke up
Smelling fresh air that's real life
You ain't gotta search tomorrow cause today is fine
You ain't gotta in the prison of your mind
Today is a gift famo you'll be fine
Only one life there's no way of living right
If you smoke and you die, you die happy
If you drink and you die, you die happy
If you porn and you die, you die happy
No rule can overlook if you dying happy
You see, people want us to live how they want
People think life has a manual
But gimme my smoke imma be alright
Cause imma die happy I don't care no more