Like Mike

[Verse 1] {Fettiwhysoniice}
- First I need to get the loot||
- I need to change how I move||
- From self made mic stands to making certified slaps in the booth||
- They copy cats, we bring new get inspired doing what we do||
I see you dawg
- Fetti we got em running when we pull up thiz niggas shooked||

- They be biting Mike Tyson y'all on my shit like dogs from the hood shoosh! get out of my site bitch||


- Bringing punches bars hard steel I'm hot as my piss skeem sam buzy whiling||

[Hook] {Fettiwhysoniice}
Mike...Mike Tyson with the word!
Mike...Mike Tyson with the word up!!! x2

[Verse 2] {Fettiwhysoniice}
Mic check one,two,oens nowadays missin' curfew,I buckle my shoes when you jitas outchea spreading news,cause rappers nowadays are journalists in disguise...who you tellin' 'bout being plastic your parasite? ...I heard that your biggest dream is gettin' surgery chill bwoy you ain't nun' when it comes to rappin' 're you kiddin' me,everything I do,everytime I move,everything is just Mike,she heard I got a lotta weapons now that she wanna be a fan of me...a fan of me,she said she's a fan of me,I shoot for the stars shawty and the sun shines like me,sittin' on the balcony with my Aunt and Wiz,reminiscing 'bout our old stuff and I shine like Mike!

[Hook] {Fettiwhysoniice}
Mike...Mike Tyson with the word!
Mike...Mike Tyson with the word up!!! x2

[Verse 3] {Bkay Stoodio}
Mike mike Tyson with the word, shawty so bad and I got her on lock so she came in on knocking on my door. She said she want the dick and nothing more, I told her let's keep it on the low, that thang so tight and I handled her right and I kept on smashing nothing more. Shawty I'm beast on the game, Fettiwhysoniice he the man, bekstage blow the roof...nobody can handle all that, told you got nothing to lose, she know that Bkay the truth, like a demon I'm burning the booth, in the game they just tryna recruit ask all my hommies they know I'm the proof...