Dropping some action freestyle

Femreal dropping some action freestyle lyrics.

Yeah, it's femreal
So, it's been long, so things are being complicated earlier
So, I decided to drop this on, to my guys out there
To let you know femreal is still real, still intact.
Mr Real Okay

I said am starting from the game am starting from the bottom,
When I had nobody when I had no mentor,
Back in the polytechnic when we were ruled by the rector,
Rapping with my guys my flows not like vector,
I act boss here, then I acted there actor,
Solve some inequalities now solve some vector,
Making flows in the studio with my director ,
When u gat no money u gat no life,
You are a freaking husband you gat no wife,
You gonna get drained in blood when you holding the fucking knife ,
You acted nice here then you acted thug there,
Like a solid whistle here like a solid rock there,
Highlight some conditions some are not necessary,
You wanna pay some fee why not visit the bursary,
You wanna brush your teeth visit the dentist,
You want to make some direction but you gat no motion,
Anytime am in the studio with my emotion,
Relative effectiveness of interaction not like magnetic radiation,
It's femreal here dropping some action, some action, dropping some action, it's real here dropping some action of wealth making some creation, moreover am back here with my emotion.
It's femreal in case you don't know something's are sum personal that needs some motivation.. Okay
The first thing is here was like am some back here,
I get your money nigga wanna play some fact here,
Entrepreneurs can be of some wealth creation of presented economy 'iru ikan eba ni creation' equilibrium of economy and society,
I gat some money like flows why you so hectic,
I never penetrate you know me when I appreciate you know me when I negotiate my nigga wanna degrociate ,
It's real.
I think I need to round up . Round up round up round up
Just a freestyle my guys
It's femreal on the beat

It's real
OK ok, let's come back here........ Ok
According to a survey by North Easter university,
When am making some money nigga go back to your varsity,
So apply to a number of identified lucrativity,
Street waving an entopment please like a gravity,
I know am not a pastor
I gat no time to preach
U gat your time to money 'wonni pe ka wa preeach'
I play like a numerator individual, I make some money back you call me ike idibia, am not 2face don't compare with idibia, you tell me wanna play your money see him drinking beer, you smoke some cigarette you wanna take some beer, you making body everything is making on the beer.
Come back here femreal haaah stop stop stop stop,
Director am going back am going home ,
What am I doing in this country, current, coherent...

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