Black X White Freestyle

Merry Christmas//
To all of my niggas//
The ones that show love
To me whether I'm up or
I'm down or regardless
the season//
They in deepshit//
Because I'm on a mission//
2020 I'm in it win to win
With or without they permission//
Sum the digits//
All I mean is business//
What goes around comes around//
What goes up must come down//
And that's clearly the basics//
Im committed to finish
My wishlist//
Better get out of my way//
Or be moved right away//
Ain't no special attention//
I had to figure it out//
I had to cut niggas out//
I don't have lose as a option//
Im heading straight to the top//
Nothing new under the sun//
They finna follow my
They need a vascular preference//
Im more reluctant to pretense//
Niggas behave like they bxtches//
I keep a distance×2//
Life Is just based on an instance//
Give me that shot I ain't
They keep on zooming my pictures//
But still won't get the
I'm under my own supervision//
I love my foolish decisions//
I can go round and go round
And go round//
And i still won't get dizzy//
Let's get busy//
Im on a hunnid and fifty//
You can come at me I'll be
More than happy ill turn
All the peace into pieces//
You can start receiving//
The pastor is preaching//
You can come at me I'll be
More than happy ill
Turn all the peace into
I put alot to this day//
Run the city like usain//
If I do it what's to gain?//
All of my haters are frail//
Put the hammer to the nail//
Straight on the dot like
A brail//
Its either you dope or you lame//
Its either you blow or you cave//
Its either you go or you stay//
Its either you weak or you brave//
Put some respect on my name//
Because I make it rain//
I drop these Niggas like
Who else got something to
Amen hallelujah//
Let's make a prayer//
I made it possible you say
It's De javu I shape the
Future like clay//