Eeeeiiiiiii Yeah
Who this! Callin my phone
Callin my phone
[ my nigga ]

Are you alone
I need a loan

Dem it, dem it, dem it, dem it

ErDee Zainless, ErDee Zainless


The choice I made, the choice I made

Me ma niggas on the street
Spendin 20G's, 20G's set me free what,
set me free what

Real niggas, real niggas no dey pay

Trouble come then we run away

Kito the Kito Mowaii
Kito the Kito Mowaii

Money en more Dou
Money en more Dou


Fire in Swetto
Fire in Swetto


The choice I made, the choice I made

Me ma niggas on the street
Spending 20G's, 20G's set me free what


Money and Money

Then na pull a trigger
murdered the nigga when me comin they run away

Game boy with a game move

Smoke a lot with a pipe stick when I wasn't born like a fake dude, fake dude

Get the money with a safe move wey ma hood, people runnin with the digit, the digit

Nigga we drivin and hornin, the caps are comin, we play hide and seek

Somebody tellem to freeze, get down on your knees

Take a bullet for your mama dreamin like Obama

Am pushin a beema to cope with the fame and am proud of my niggas who made me for takin the blame, taking blame, look how we came

Killin and Killin these niggas still murder for K

Serve me the K
When the drum is on K
Again and Again
When they try to complain
Ma goals en ma aim
Nobody-Nobody know

Am still in the game you already know

I was, trickin and trickin for days, ways these niggas they use to be teasin and laughin at me

Am flippin the pages, unlockin the cages
My nigga you hammer, you drivin Highlander
You sippin and sippin tequila

The skyface made the face what the punky say

Fair play, well play am shootin all the dice

Am Okay see ma face at the same place

The double o's make the number runs as the nigga run-run with the dollar for the nigga, nigga, nigga say so


Life sweet like potato

Call me Nigreddo
Why you callin with a pay phone

Gucci on sneaker we check
Buddy the shoddy dey twerk

Copper and Gold

Nigga catchin Cold



Take it back to the promo

See ma label on the logo

Am cleanin the sh*t with omo

En care if you Provo

It weigh more than a kilo

Zero to hero we jamin noh

Big up's to Nino, Nimo, Kilo, Pedro, Romeo, Franco


[ LAST ]

We sippin Hennessey
Nigga can't you see
Play time with ma niggas

Hustle hard with ma jiggas

[ ErDee Zainless ]


Thank You......