I'm return

They mad, I'm back
Stay mad, I'm back
Stay mad, i'on care
But I know I'm out for you rappers
I'm out for you trappers
I'm out for the haters

(Verse 1)
Grab a niqqa by the nose
But I know all niqqas going crazy
Drain stupid haters, till they broke... Now u feel me?
They all thinking I was gone
I'm back, so dangerous
So u gotta run, gotta run...... I'm return
Now that I'm back in the industry
I'm gonna make all my haters see the worst of me
Seee spitting fire like a god, like Godzilla
Stronger than before, super stronger than a Monster
Shot left, shot right, shooting like a gangster
Earth bend, Water bend, fire bend like an Avatar
Flexing and sitting on the throne, I'm a Rapstar
Rapstar, Rapstar, Rapstar... I'm return

Push me to the edge, still riding good
Shoot me in the head, still thinking smooth
Tryna steal my best, is what you really do
I am so unstoppable, still on my move
Still on my move, I still look cool
Still on my move, I'm out for you X2

They mad, I'm back
Stay mad, I'm back
Stay mad, ion care
But I kpers
I'm out for you trappers
I'm out for the haters

(Verse 2)
Flames up, Lemme see you get excited
He he, I'm cool , Way before corona virus
Hey, listen!! When I talk you better listen
I have done a Lotta things In my says
I don't take back what I say
When I said it, then I meant it
All my life I want a Grammy, but I'll prolly never get it
What is in it for the records, just a f**kin recognition
But I call it supervision, bend the law, f**k the law
Man, I used to risk it all, I've got nothing much to lose
I've been eating long enough, its my time to cut the food
Man my stomach should be full, lick the plate, make a way
I'm return, lucky you.... Woo!!!

I got a couple of mansions
Still I don't have any manners
You got a couple of ghost writers, but to this kids, it don't actually matter
They asking me WTF happened to hip hop, I said I don't have any answers
Cos I took an L, when I dropped my last album, it hurt me like hell.... But...