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ELwandleSoundz is from Johannesburg South Africa. His is best known for his lyricism, philanthropy who mostly focuses on the Afro Trap genre of music and love for the business world. He is widely known for his debut single "ELwandleSoundz - Wonke Umuntu Ugcwele Ngami" independent, which was released in 2017 as part of the album “Love Titanic”. His other successful hit is ELwandleSoundz - Ngibambel' eduze. He has worked with various Daveyton Giants artist

What is ELwandleSoundz real name? Born Johane Elwandle Ngove, the side of music began or artist’s passion for music started out at a recording studio session with Buster killer at the age of just fourteen when he realized his gift By constantly going to the studio, Elwandle realized that there was a gap that he could fill but he wasn't there, It was by Buster killer's side of taking him to the the stidio frequently then Elwandle was inspired to make his own music. and so he dived in by mixing afro and reggae.

Johane Elwandle Ngove (born November 01, 1998) known professionally as ELwandleSoundz, is a South African musician and songwriter, born and raised in Johannesburg, Gauteng. ELwandleSoundz signed with his own independent label KinCaid Group Recordings in 2020. Before he signed he was an independent artist.
He rose to fame when he released his hit single, "Wonke Umuntu ugcwele Ngami" (2013)
That is when he released his first single "Wonke Umuntu Ugcwele Ngami" He then rose to fame by that release of his hit single which was a big succes and make waves in the street of the East rand such as the township of Vosloorus and Daveyton. He then released his major debut single "uMakoti". That is when he released his fifth hit single "Father God Ngigcinel' uMama" which was dedicated to his Mom, released the single "Ngthanda Wena Wedwa"

ELwandleSoundz finished high school in 2017 and His an Electrical Engineer student in Protech and his in internships doing an On-Job training/Inservice training at Warmbaths A Forever Resort. In the second year, he moved to Limpopo Bela-Bela, South Africa to pursue his dream as an Electrician whilst still being an artist

In 2012 he moved to Daveyton the East rand of Johannesburg. After a chance of going to high school to be in a technical school. In 2014 After the release of "Wonke Umuntu Ugcwele Ngami" hit single, ELwandleSoundz has become the go-to Artist for some of Zenzele leading hip hop Label. he signed/joined the Linch Pins team, the company of Seni Sky

profile summary

Real name: Johane Elwandle Ngove

ELwandleSoundz date of birth: 1rst November 1998

Place of birth: the Boksburg, South Africa

ELwandleSoundz age: 21 years old

Nationality: South African

Relationship status: Single

Occupation: Afro-Trap singer, Rapper Entrepreneur/Businessman songwriter and Actor

Record label: KinCaid Group Recordings

Genre: Hip-Hop/Afro-Trao/Afro-Reggae

Albums: Love Titanic, Learn The Hard Way
E.p: Tears Of My Footprints E.P, My Throne E.P, Asvus' Umuzi KaBaba E.P and Love Is A Trade E.P

Famous for: Her hit single, Wonke Umuntu Ugcwele Ngami

Looking at the ELwandleSoundz songs, his activity in the recording music world goes as far back as 2012 with his first single titled "Wonke Umuntu Ugcwele Ngami". All that hard work has culminated with making his own Label "KinCaid Group Recordings and the Local success he now enjoys. Before that, he was signed by Linch Pins Productions

he started rapping at the age of 14, when his friend Buster killer suggested he should rap to his own Afro-Reggae songs. Johane Elwandle Ngove, also known as simply ELwandleSoundz (born November 1, 1998), is a South African rapper, vocalist, songwriter, and an actor

South African male Hip Hop Artist. Real name, ELwandleSoundz. Born on November 1 998. Attended school at Dinoto Technical Secondary School in Daveyton the East rand of Johannesburg (2012-2017). Started doing art at the age of 11 as an Actor and narrowed his path into rap at the age of 14. With the assistance of names such as Buster killer, He managed to release his first single titled, Wonke Umuntu Ugcwele Ngami.

His Inspiration is said to have been taken from Musiholiq, Siya Shezi, Mc Killah & Silent Killah known as SugarBoyz, Brenda Fassie and Tupac Shakur. His background is believed to have moulded his into the lyricist so many identify with. he has lived in Villa Lisa, Daveyton, Bela-Bela and Pretoria for his collage life. he was signed at Linch Pins Production. he later parted ways to pursue a solo career.

ELwandleSoundz songs

Presently, the artist has four E.PS and two Album to his name: "Learn The Hard Way" "Love Titanic", "Love Is A Trade E.P", "Asvus' Umuzi KaBaba", "Tears of My Footprints E.P" and "My throne E.P". The ELwandleSoundz songs include:

uMakoti - 2019

Ngthanda Wena Wedwa - 2017

Intro - 2013

Wonke Umuntu Ugcwele Ngami - 2013

Ngbambel'Eduze - 2019

Bathi ngeke Ngiphumelele - 2020

Father God Ngigcinel' uMama - 2020

Sometimes I Wonder Why - 2019

Mile Away - 2017

Thixo Bawo - 2017

Day and Night - 2016

Hatters Address - 2016

State of Hatters - 2015

Mungasang'thandi awusho ngani - 2020

Uthando mal'salusha LuPerfect - 2020

Just for the paper - 2019

Almost Sold My Soul - 2020

Weh Mali Yami - 2017

Hlala Nam' Bae - 2017

Scandals and Rumors - 2014

Izandla phezulu -2013

Bathi Empire - 2016

Awung' Qome Ntombi - 2018

Learn The Hard Way -2020

I'll Marry You - 2020

Look at Me Now -2020

Mdali Ng' size ngi Afford - 2020

Love Is A Trade - 2020

My Throne -2020

Love Titanic EP - 2019

Umuzi KaBaba - 2020

Tears Of My Footprints - 2020

ELwandleSoundz news

Based on his past interviews, the artist is certainly enjoying his time at his own space on his Company. In fact, He describes the label as a baby for him, which inspires him to do better and work with great artists such as BluetoothSA and EMazweni. When he released hhiser first single under his own label, he described it as the happiest day of his life.

He is so young, yet ELwandleSoundz has done what few individuals have done at his age. Surely, "Love Tirtanic" is not the only great thing to come from him, watch out for his new release



Learn The Hard Way