Elvis Blue

Let's just put this out there: The season 6 Idols winner is a fantastic vocalist and musician. There's no denying that he was a deserving winner.

So why does his first album post-Idols feel like he's trying too hard? Instead of using the chops that got him through the audition, he's doing only what he feels his new mass pop audience will enjoy.

The result is a monotonous, yearning wail for approval. Elvis, you're so much better than that.

Six of the 13 tracks on the album are written by Blue and while they're not bad pop hits, they are all just a few notes short of identical. It's one thing to stick with a formula that works, and it's another to flog a good, working horse to death.

"I'm On Fire" and "Believe" are just two tracks where the similarities are enough to make distinction near-impossible.

The first single, "Things My Father Said" is probably the most catchy and memorable track on the album. His second offering, "Lighthouse", reminds me of Watershed's music, and the problem is there's very little to distinguish his talent in this stagnant pool of melodies.

The last track on the album is his cover of Bob Dylan's "To Make you Feel My Love" which he sang at his first Idols audition. While it's my favourite track off the album and it's the song that best suits his tone and personality, other people like Adele have delivered better renditions of this classic track.

Despite my disappointment in the album, Elvis's voice is still special. I just wish he'd realise that and not try to blend in so much.


# Title Length
Lighthouse 3:57
1 Save Me 3:51
4 To Make You Feel My Love 3:03
4 Things My Father Said 3:44